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Geckos by Emi art and gift cards

Cute and funny, always a surprise! Geckos are delightful! Just click on each Photo page for some fun viewing! If you like what you see, take note of the file number on each image and go to the "Contact Us" page to make an order. Copyrighted 2012.
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A little about me

Aloha, I'm Emi Holton, a former Big Island resident who found a photograpers' paradise while living in Hawaii. My company, Geckos by Emi offers my favorite subjects: The colorful Madagascar Gold Dust Day Gecko. They're one type of several small geckos on the islands and are a bright green color with red spots and golden flecks along the tail.

The Gold Dust Gecko is the 'live' distant cousin of the popular animated insurance company gecko and these fun-loving creatures have taken the Big Island by storm with their antics and curiosity.

I have been an artist and photographer for more than 20 years and have published my original photographs since 2000. Always searching for that special glimpse of a brilliant sunset or whimsical and light-hearted gecko acrobatics, I have developed my own style and captured many fun expressions of geckos as they play.

How I do it

I set each stage with flowers, glasses of warm soda, tea or juice or an advertising prop and stand back and wait for the geckos' curiosity to take hold and discover the flavor of the day. Each photograph takes hours of preparation and patience for just the right shot.

Where to find my photos

My photography may be ordered here on our website (see "contact us" page) or seen at the following Shops and Galleries while visiting Hawaii:

In Kailua-Kona: Kona Brew Pub, Alley Geckos (on the boardwalk, downtown Kona), Freedom of Expression Gallery (Kona International Market), Kope Lani Coffee, and in other areas: Gallery of Great Things in Waimea, Royal Kona Coffee Museum in Captain Cook, Punaluu Bake Shop in Naalehu.